Although there are many singers that have been on the scene over the years, there are certain singers that stand head and shoulders above the rest. One of those singers was Freddie Mercury, and the work that he did while he was alive and singing with Queen is unmistakably some of the best we have seen.

Freddie Mercury is such a phenomenal singer that people can’t help but sing his songs and cover them in many different ways. From people playing Queen songs on the kazoo down to what we have for you today, it all honors Freddie Mercury and some way or another.

Now, the United States Army is getting involved with one of their premier musical organizations. Pershing’s Own is that group, and they have people who come from various departments in the Army to come together and sing, dance, and put on a great show for anybody watching.

Gen. John J Pershing is the person they named the group after after he built a musical wing like European armies. It is something that the Army has become known for, and Pershing’s Own is just getting even better known over the years.

Recently, the musical organization came together to sing of group of Freddie Mercury songs and they really nailed it. They started with the song, Don’t Stop Me Now, and it only got better from there.

Can Anybody Find Me Somebody to Love was another hit that they covered but perhaps the one that was best known is when they sang Bohemian Rhapsody. It is just one of those moments in musical history that we are sure to remember.

I’m sure that you will appreciate what they did for Freddie Mercury and for the people who were watching this concert. Enjoy it, and tell me you weren’t singing along by the end.

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