Do you remember the television show, Charlie’s Angels? I’m not talking about the movie, which came quite a few years later, I’m talking about the original show that was around in the 70s.

That show had some of the more famous women of the time, including one that is still well-known today. Her name is Jaclyn Smith, and she is still known for her beauty, despite the fact that she is 77 years old.

Recently, she was seen wearing a cardigan and sweater for the Nordstrom Rack line as an outfit. It’s amazing that she is still able to turn heads down to this day, and she was chosen as a model for the fall collection.

It’s also interesting that Smith has worked with Kmart for 36 years, and she is still able to look good when she posts these items online. After it was shared, a caption was given that described the item she was wearing.

It said: “This flexible light weight V-neck cardigan can be worn on its own or styled as a layering item.”

She looked good from head to toe, and it had many people wondering how she was able to keep such a youthful appearance after all these years.

She has spoken about some of the different things that she does in order to keep a good-looking appearance, including drinking green smoothies on a regular basis.

Smith has done well as an actress over the years, but she is also a grandmother to two granddaughters, and she loves playing that role as well.

We hope that we are able to see more of this talented actress and model and we look forward to even more surprises in the future.

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