When you look back through photo albums, what is it that you see? If you are like most people, you notice the fact that there are some awkward moments from your past that are better left behind.

Despite the fact that these awkward moments show up in the pictures from our past, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we want to hide them from the world. In some cases, we want to share them with the world because we would like people to laugh, even at our expense.

These pictures will show you the best of the best when it comes to family awkwardness. Regardless of whether it is the worst mullet or a birthday party gone wrong, you are sure to find it funny.

#1 Our Deaf Cattle Dog Has No Idea He Farts All The Time And Here’s Our Daughter Reacting To His Latest Burst Of Gas

#2 This Picture Was Taken At My Daughter’s Preschool. I Think The Photographer Thought Having Her Hold A Flower Would Make For A Really Cute And Innocent Picture

#3 Hi, I’m Jenn And I Sold My First House At Only 3 Years Old

#4 My Two-Year-Old Daughter Drew A Pillow With Chalk, Then Laid Down For A Nap

#5 We all did it

#6 My Mom And Dad In DC In The Late 80s

#7 Our Parents Used To Tell My Only Brother And Me That We Used To Have Another Brother Who Turned Into A Mushroom From Not Taking A Bath. Even Added Him To The Family Albums

#8 My Great-Grandmother After Wrapping Her Skoda Around A Tree

#9 My Family Went On A Trip To Maine During The Summer And Decided To Take Family Photos. Maybe It Was Very Windy But Everyone Looks Catalog Perfect And Then…there’s Me

#10 These Are My Dad’s Baby Pictures. He Was Born An Old Man

#11 My Husband’s High School Goth/Emo/Photoshop Phase Is An Untapped Goldmine

#12 My Sister On Her Wedding Day

#13 Junior High Is Hard Enough Without Your Mother Buying You A Bright Red Monogrammed Sweater With Your Initials

#14 I Show My Boyfriend One Picture From My Childhood And Suddenly Reproducing With Me Is Off The Table

#15 My Mall Glamour Shots From 1997 Where I Look Like A Woman Who Just Cashed Her Husband’s Life Insurance Check

#16 My Dad And I Getting Ready For A Road Trip In The Summer Of ’86.

#17 My Daughter Was Having A Tantrum, And Hid Her Face Under A Pillow. The Results Were Divine!

#18 My Sisters And I Were Professionally Photographed With Identical Dolls In Matching Prairie Dresses

#19 My Uncle And My Dad Posing On A Nissan 300 Zx, Late 80s

#20 I Told My Dad I Wanted To Be An Ear For Halloween. He Really Came Through

#21 2nd Grade, 1985. Was I Going To Recess Or Into The Typing Pool?

#22 When My Son Hopped On The Bed And His Elbow Nailed Me Right On My C-Section Incision

#23 We Didn’t Have Much Money In 1977 But That Didn’t Stop Mom From Giving Us Our Wish To Be C3p0 And R2-D2 That Halloween

#24 I Won A Cutest Baby Award At A Local Health Foods Store And This Was The Photoshoot That I Won. Thank You, Mom And Dad

#25 This Is How I Found My Husband And Son After A Diaper Change. Neither Was Aware Anything Was Amiss. It Still Makes Me Laugh 10 Years Later

#26 My Great-Grandmother Worked For A Photography Studio In The 80’s. She Was Watching Us One Day And Decided To Surprise My Mother With Professional Photos Of The Three Of Us

#27 My Brother And I Took A Pony Ride At The Whaling City Festival In The 80s And The Pony Ride Operator Had Swagger

#28 My Mom’s Bed Hung From Chains, And She Had A Mini Bar For A Headboard. 1972

#29 My Halloween Costume In 1992: Spaghetti And Clam Sauce. There’s A Big Plexiglass Fork On The Side Sticking Up. My Dad Dribbled Real Clam Juice All Over Me So No One Would Get Too Close At The Middle School Dance

#30 This Was My Christening, June 1971. I’m The Baby Obviously, My Godmother Is Holding Me, My Parents Are Next To Her. Their Hideous Outfits Aren’t The “Awkward” Part Of This Photo. In The Background, My Grandmother Is Pulling My Sister’s Hair While My Brother Is Recovering From A Smack! All Of This Right On The Front Steps Of A Church

#31 This Is The Epic 1984 Egg Hunt Fight On My Aunt And Uncle’s Front Lawn In Long Beach, Ca Between Me And My Brother

#32 So My Aunt Casually Tells Me That She Once Found A Ton Of Skeletons In Her Garden

#33 My Dad (Sitting In Bench, Right) With His Rock Star Wedding Party Just Rockin’ That Hair. 1987

#34 My Dad Hid A Camera To Find Out Why The Cats Kept Sneaking Into My Old Bedroom After I’d Left For College

#35 Me Being An Uber Goth Teenage Posing Next To Tombstones Unknowingly Covering The ‘S’ In ‘Sweeney.’ Kind Of Ruined The Mood Of The Photo!

#36 This Was The Gem Of My High School Senior Picture Portfolio. At The Time, The Effect Was Cutting Edge. Now I Like To Tell My Kids That I Had To Skate Really Fast To Look That Dumb

#37 My Husband’s 6 Sisters. I Believe They Were Going For A Serious Pose, A ‘Sears Sophisticated’ Style

#38 This Is A Photo Of My Daughter And Her Father Riding The Tennessee Tornado Roller Coaster At Dollywood. When We Saw The Photo At The Sales Kiosk, We Laughed So Hard We Just Had To Buy It!

#39 Here’s My Mom And Dad In September 1970. This Was Always My Favorite Photo From Their Wedding Because It’s Just So Cornball. You Have To Give Credit To The Photographer For The Picture Of My Dad In The TV. This Was Years Before Photoshop, So I’m Not Sure How The Heck He Pulled This Trick Off

#40 My School Photo From The 80s. My Mullet Was Fashioned After The 1982 Happy Birthday Barbie And My Glasses Are Decorated With Decals Picked Out From The Decal Book At The Optical Shop

#41 My Husband Presenting The “Gymnastics” Themed Birthday Cake To Our Daughter But The Cake Looks More Like A Party Cake For A Private Club

#42 My Grandma Has A Spatula She Uses To Move Around Completed Sections Of Her Puzzle

#43 My Younger Sister Was Taking Family Pictures For Me, And She Managed To Catch The Exact Moment That A Bug Flew In My Face!

#44 This Is My Pre-School Picture. I Had A Fit And Would Not Get My Picture Taken Unless I Could Put My Belt On My Head. So My Mom Did What She Had To Do

#45 My Mum Wanted Me To Hold Our Cat Up To Demonstrate How Big He Is And He Is Clearly Stoked

#46 Holding My Mom’s Cigarette While She Zips My Coat

#47 This Miraculous Photo Is Of My Darling Dear Mother, In The 80’s, With What Is Obviously A Cutout Of The Great Thomas Sullivan Magnum. The Best Part Of This Photo Is The Glasses, But, The Second Best Part Is The Fact That My Mom Refuses To Admit That It Is A Cutout

#48 My Beautiful Boyfriend’s School Photo When He Was A Teenager…glad I Did Not Know That Hedgehog At That Time

#49 My Son Made A Nice Little Mother’s Day Booklet For Me When He Was In Grade One. I Must Have Been Having A Rough Month

#50 When My Parents Were Getting Their Portraits Taken, The Photographer Had An Idea. My Mom Wore A Tube Top And My Dad Took His Shirt Off

#51 When I Was Six I Had A George W. Bush-Themed Birthday. Disturbing? Amusing? Maybe Both

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