There are many people who consider themselves to be Harry Potter fans. Some of them will even go out of their way to express their appreciation for the books and movies in any way they can.

One of those fans is a resident of Prairie Grove, Arkansas. We may have seen many people who express their love of Harry Potter, but she did it in such a unique way that you really can’t help but take notice.

Ever since the first Harry Potter series was released, Hailey Skoch has been a huge fan. At the time that the books were first released, her parents were going through a divorce so she was able to use the books to escape into her own world at the time.

Haley is now 18, and she continues to love everything about Harry Potter. She also takes that love to an entirely different level, and she has gained some viral success from doing so.

A prom dress was created using 1200 pages cut out of two volumes of books that she loves so much. This wasn’t just some type of cheesy outfit, it was absolutely stunning.

It took her a while to come up with the idea but when she found that some of the old volumes of Harry Potter books had broken spines and missing pages, she picked them up at a local thrift shop. It took her four days to press and staple the pages into a fan pattern that covered the dress.

She worked on the dress while she was binge-watching the whole Harry Potter series. She binge-watched so that she could watch everything. She also watched the two Fantastic Beasts movies.

When Haley walked into the prom, she said that everyone’s head turned it once to look at her. She referred to it as completely insane, although she said it was also a little creepy.

Haley shared the pictures on Instagram and they went viral almost immediately. Next year, she is going to go to the University of Arkansas on a scholarship. She wants to study psychology, but she’s also considering studying fashion design, thanks to the dress.

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