One of the most difficult things that anyone could ever go through is to experience the loss of a child. This is not only something that can affect a person, it can have a profound effect on an animal as well.

Luna is a tawny owl and she understands the loss we are discussing. After losing a full set of eggs, which is known as a clutch, she was devastated.

Since tawny owls only have a full set of eggs once per year, she had to wait an entire year for another clutch. When that clutch failed to hatch, it seemed as if she would be waiting an even longer time but then something happened that changed everything for her.

Luna is taken care of by a kind man named Robert Fuller. He cares for orphaned owls, and there were two chicks that needed a home. He knew immediately what he had to do, he put them with Luna.

Although he had a plan in place, there was always a possibility that Luna would not accept the chicks. He very carefully put them in her nest while she was away and when she returned, something amazing happened.

Fortunately, there is a video from inside the nest that shows the moment she peeked through the hole and saw the two little chicks inside. It was love at first sight, and we are so glad we have the video to share.

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