A collection of funny, sometimes weird pictures, taken in different angles combined with the ‘perfect’ lighting

As much as we would consider ourselves having good eyesight, lighting combined with some casual situations can be tricky for the eyes sometimes!

We at Viral Strange will show you some funny (and weird) pictures that you need to look at twice!

Water can be tricky…


Whose arm is that?


© lilahmy
Whose arm is that?


© lilahmy

A nice swimsuit for a man…


© imgur

When bearded guys look up:


© YnnzZ

My sister took a Polaroid of the dog in the snow but he blends in too well.”


© apotr0paic / twitter


More proof that cats are liquid.


© NapkinTheBatDad / reddit


“Looks like my ex.”


© ratgraves / twitter

Darth Vader is back. Does it make the same sounds?


© txdude75252 / reddit

“What did this palm tree find out?”


© MrSllew / reddit

Did you think that this was toothpaste too?

© farmerfrugal / reddit

Giant pigeons

“I hope it’s just an illusion.”


© kilerppk / reddit

This cat has fur eyes above its real eyes:

© wtdarn / reddit

How is this even possible?

© whicketywack / reddit

“Ducks will start to melt at 90°F.”

© varric_chestbeard / reddit
© TheSpacePope17 / reddit

No, this is not a dog.

© otterpigeon / reddit

Great muscles!

© McCyanide / reddit

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