Semie Atadja unapologetically owns her dual role as a gold digger and sugar baby. Explore her story and perspective.

Semie Atadja, a New Jersey native, finds herself labeled a gold digger due to her relationship with a man 36 years her senior. However, she boldly stands by her identity as a sugar baby, asserting that the 60-year-old Claudio Spilatro age gap holds no concerns. Their connection blossomed on Seeking Arrangements, a platform catering to accomplished individuals seeking unique connections.



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Disregarding the hurtful labels like “gold digger,” she remains unfazed by allegations of pursuing her partner solely for financial reasons.

Semie Atadja
TikTok | _semie

“We use each other,” Semie Atadja openly acknowledged in a recent installment of the YouTube show “Love Don’t Judge.” She noted how her wealthy partner appreciates her youthful energy, while she enjoys the perks of his substantial financial status.


The TikTok creator proceeded to provide a glimpse of her lavish closet, brimming with high-end items such as Birkin bags, Chanel handbags, Gucci shades, and Cartier accessories.

“Of course, we’re all gold diggers. No one’s out there digging for pebbles,” said the 24-year-old.


She added, “If I’m going to dig for something, it’s not going to be for dirt, it’s going to be for gold.”

Sharing his thoughts, Spilatro commented on the topic, expressing his enjoyment in escorting Semie Atadja on shopping sprees to upscale boutiques.


He also mentioned their shared travels and highlighted the age gap, with Semie being younger than his daughters. He revealed that they met when she was just 18 on Seeking Arrangements, a fact that surprised his daughters, who are almost ten years older than Semie.

Semie Atadja

In ‘Love Don’t Judge,’ the silver fox revealed having two daughters, aged 33 and 34. While initially hesitant about meeting their father’s new partner, Spilatrio’s daughters have grown fond of her over time, coming to terms with the unique bond.


Adoringly, she expresses her fondness for interacting with their kids, affectionately dubbing them ‘my grandkids.’

TikTok | _semie

Their enduring six-year relationship brims with happiness, triumphing over critics. Surprisingly, marriage is a consideration they both entertain.


“In age gap relationships, you’re always going to have judges,” Semie Atadja concluded, by adding: “But be unapologetically yourself and show them exactly why their judgment is wrong.”

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