1. Kissing

When someone kisses you on the cheek, their nose might touch your face. They might even have facial hair, which will irritate your skin. Oil and friction combined will make your skin break out.

2. Your phone


All the bacteria that sits on your phone can be a common cause of your acne. Talking on the phone or touching its screen and then touching our faces can expose our skin to bacteria. This leads to clogged pores.

3. Dog licks


Some people say that dog’s saliva can heal your wounds. Some say it is cleaner than a human mouth. However, it is not true. It is full of bacteria, and when the dog shows affection by licking you, bacteria can be transferred to your skin, causing pore-clogging and acne.

4. Your toothpaste



There are suggestions all over the internet to put toothpaste on your pimples. However, it is not recommended because toothpaste contains ingredients that can irritate your skin, making it more prone to acne.

5. Your hair conditioner



Zits and bumps in your hairline or forehead might appear depending on your hair conditioner. Read carefully the list of the ingredients your hair conditioner contains. After you rinse the conditioner, wash your face and body.

6. Lack of sleep



Sleeping time is recharge time. If you sleep less than it is suggested, it will lead to many issues. Stress, then, leads to overproduction of oil and skin irritation which brings pore-clogging and acne.

7. Your laundry detergent

Ingredients that your detergent contains might be the reason behind acne appearance and skin inflammation. The detergent might be harsh for your skin since it might leave residues in your clothes. For example, wiping your face with a freshly laundered towel might cause your skin to break out.

Did you know any of this? Tell us more about your acne and pore-clogging experience!

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