Kelly Clarkson Discusses Decision to Relocate Show to NYC: A Healthier, Happier Working Environment
The prominent singer Kelly Clarkson has shed light on her reasons for shifting the location of her successful talk show to New York City, advocating for a healthier and more enjoyable working environment. The 41-year-old vocalist expressed her perspectives in a recent interview with Nancy O’Dell on TalkShopLive, highlighting the necessity of the move for her and her two children, Remington “Remy” Alexander, 7, and River Rose, 8.

Unveiling the Rationale behind the Relocation
“I haven’t had much chance to explain this publicly, so I’m grateful for the opportunity to discuss,” said Clarkson, acknowledging the curiosity around the relocation decision. “Back in January, I had an emotional conversation with my crew. I’ve built a fantastic team over the years, full of talented individuals.”

As she enters the fifth season of ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ this fall, a season already extended till 2025, Clarkson reflected on her journey and her relationship with her team.

“We’ve tasted a lot of success together, and our work relationship is a beautiful bond,” she continued. “Hence, it was essential for me to be upfront with them about my situation. My options were limited – either discontinue the show or move it to the East Coast.”

The Role of Family & COVID-19 in the Decision
Clarkson pointed out how COVID-19 revealed the hardships of living isolated from loved ones, especially when they are situated miles away. “My family is from the East Coast, specifically North Carolina.

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