Tom, a devoted father from England, has been facing backlash on social media for kissing his five-year-old son, Roman, on the lips. Despite the negative comments and accusations, Tom refuses to let the trolls influence his parenting style.

In response to those criticizing him, Tom took a logical and humorous approach. He emphasized that he would continue to shower his son with love and kisses for as long as Roman allows it. He expressed his love for his son and explained that one day Roman might not want those kisses anymore, so he cherishes the opportunity while he can.

Supportive fans flooded the comments section with messages of encouragement. They shared their own experiences of kissing their children on the lips and expressed disbelief at the criticism. Some even mentioned the importance of showing love and affection within a family.

One troll accused Tom of potentially causing cavities in Roman due to the bacteria in his mouth. In response, Tom shared a witty video where he asked Roman about the claim. Roman giggled and dismissed the idea, sealing it with another kiss on his dad’s lips. Fans quickly defended Tom, expressing their disbelief at the unsupported claim and praising his loving nature as a father.

In another video, Tom asked Roman for his opinion on people who believe they shouldn’t kiss on the lips. Roman confidently responded, calling those people crazy and affirming his love for his daddy. Once again, fans rallied behind Tom, defending his right to express affection towards his son.

Tom also addressed the gendered aspect of the criticism, pointing out that if it were a mother kissing her child, the negative comments might not have arisen. He expressed his gratitude to a female commenter who brought up this important point and reaffirmed that he would not change his loving approach.

In response to concerns about potential dangers, Tom sarcastically applied the same logic to other situations. He highlighted the importance of teaching his son the difference between appropriate affection within the family and inappropriate behavior with strangers.

The overwhelming support from his cyber community demonstrates that the majority understands and appreciates the love Tom shows his son. He refuses to let online trolls dictate how he should parent, and his unwavering commitment to his son’s well-being is evident.

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