Some people panic at the sight of a grey hair or a wrinkle, as they resist the idea of growing older. The youthful energy and vibrancy of youth are often preferred, right?

But the reality is that aging is inevitable, whether we embrace it or not.

Allow me to introduce Candace Leslie Cima, a stylish woman at the age of 76 who challenges stereotypes. Candace is a multifaceted individual—a mother, grandmother, model, businesswoman, and artist. Throughout her life, she has witnessed and experienced a great deal.

One thing that has always puzzled her is the societal stigma surrounding aging. Everywhere you look, advertisements portray wrinkles and grey hairs as undesirable.

However, Candace has never viewed them that way. In her own words:

“I have always been fascinated with aging, even when I was in my 20s and 30s. I could never comprehend how something so natural could carry such a negative connotation.”

And she has more than proven her point through her appearance.

The wrinkles on her face and the pores on her skin are undeniable, yet Candace fully embraces them and radiates beauty in doing so. If you visit her Instagram account, you’ll see her modeling a variety of clothes and looking stunning in each one.

Candace is a breath of fresh air for individuals in her age group who wish to buy clothes. They have been underrepresented by models for far too long.

By witnessing how a woman her age effortlessly rocks different outfits, it can make a tremendous difference in their shopping experience. Even sundresses, typically associated with grandmothers, take on a whole new look when Candace wears them with confidence.

As she eloquently puts it, “Aging is changing.” Gone are the days when reaching 40, 50, or even 60 to 70 was a cause for stress and anxiety.

Furthermore, our mindset plays a significant role in this transformation. The phrase “dress your age” can hold vastly different meanings for different individuals, and Candace exemplifies this truth. She states, “We are not our mothers or grandmothers. We now have the opportunity to be productive, intelligent, compassionate, and stylish women throughout our later years.”

She couldn’t be more accurate.

Candace’s confidence and philosophy have brought her more than just likes and followers. She has also received complimentary gifts from designers and brands who appreciate her influence. In one post, she showcased a “liquid leather” top from Clara Sunwoo, sent to her without any obligation to review it. Such opportunities don’t come about unless one possesses the charisma she possesses!

You might have also noticed the music she selects for many of her videos. They are all classic radio songs from the 1940s and 1950s. Candace grew up listening to those songs, and she isn’t afraid to admit that she remembers them fondly!

Has she convinced you yet that aging is changing? Do you still feel disheartened by your grey hairs and wrinkles? Perhaps a visit to her social media will help you see things differently.

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