Jim Caviezel, now starring in ‘Sound of Freedom,’ says a sequel to Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion of the Christ’ is coming

Jim Caviezel recalled the struggles he faced while filming “The Passion of the Christ” as he confirmed a script is being written for a sequel to the 2004 film.

Caviezel, now starring in “Sound of Freedom,” was struck by lightning while filming Mel Gibson’s biblical film. The actor, now 54, was also hit in the head with a cross weighing over 150 pounds.

Caviezel was struck by lightning “on the last shot of the movie,” he told Fox News Digital in a new interview. The cast and crew were filming the Sermon on the Mount scene and, on the fifth take, Caviezel was struck.

The lightning strike led to two heart surgeries, including an open-heart surgery, along with “lots of medication.” The actor said the issue was “finally corrected” in 2014.


In addition to the lightning strike, Caviezel was also toppled by a cross weighing over 150 pounds while filming.

“It fell on my head, and I bit through my tongue and my cheek,” Caviezel recalled.

“And it was actually in the film,” he added. “You see blood streaming out of my mouth” during the scene. The actor’s left shoulder was also dislocated.

“I had really struggled with that all film.”

Filming for the sequel, tentatively titled “The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection,” is reportedly beginning soon with a release date some time in 2024, according to IMDB. Meanwhile, Caviezel confirmed to Fox News Digital he’s been in touch with Mel Gibson about the future film.

“It’s happening on the writing side,” Caviezel explained. “I asked him about three dates, and he gave me a maybe on all three of them. So, I have to see where he’s at. I know he’s going to do it.”

Gibson previously revealed the sequel, which is set to cover the days between Jesus’ death and resurrection.


“I have two scripts and one of them is very structured and a very strong script and kind of more what you’d expect, and the other is like an acid trip,” Gibson said in an interview shared by Outstanding Screenplays on YouTube. “Because you’re going into other realms and stuff. I mean, you’re in hell and you’re watching the angels fall. It’s like crazy.”

The script writing is a “massive undertaking,” Gibson said. “You have to really consider what it is that you need to show in order to be poignant. It can’t be linear. You have to have many things to juxtapose against one another even from different time periods in order to illustrate what something means in a more full way.”

Caviezel explained that the financing for the sequel shouldn’t be “too hard” because the first film was “pretty successful.” The original film earned over $600 million at the box office, making it the highest grossing film about religion, according to People magazine.

Caviezel explained to the outlet that he feels drawn to movies that “speak the truth,” saying, “The light is much brighter in the darkest of places. In those darkest of places, I wanted to be the center of it. I was drawn to that.”

The actor’s role as Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ” led Caviezel to begin publicly speaking about his faith.

“I had no choice but to defend my faith at that point,” he told Fox News Digital, referring to the allegations of antisemitic undertones in the Gibson-directed film. “And I was called antisemitic and everything.”

Despite the backlash and controversy, Caviezel stood behind his role in the movie and now explains why he feels it’s important to speak publicly about his faith.

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